Wi-Fi Security Vulnerability puts all devices at risk

Wi-Fi Security Vulnerability puts all devices at risk

Belgium researchers are warning that a newly discovered vulnerability which secures modern Wi-Fi systems could leave devices vulnerable to hackers. The flaw would put personal information such as identification and credit card details at risk. The bug, dubbed Krack, detected in the current Wi-Fi protocol can hijack private communications and can impact Wi-Fi connections around the world. 

 Can you explain a little further what this Wi-Fi security vulnerability is?

Sure. Researchers from the university of Belgium have found a very bad vulnerability in the way most of our Wi-Fi routers secure and encrypt or wireless connection to our devices claiming that it is possible  for someone to hack into any secure Wi-Fi network and steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, emails, chat messages, photos, and possibly more.

Krack can affect both personal home users, small businesses and enterprise networks and it’s important to know that WPA2,  which is the current wireless technology that is used to encrypt most of these wireless networks is the one that is hackable even though it still remains one of the safer protocols.

So if you say this vulnerability is to be found in most Wifi routers, what can people do to ensure they are safe?

Manufacturers are aware of vulnerabilities and I would assume they will roll out updates if your router gets them automatically.  If not, or you’re not sure, you will need to check the model of your router, cross reference it to the company’s corresponding website and from there determine if the firmware or software it runs on can be updated. If it can’t be updated,  you might want to invest in a new router just to be safe.

As for all your computers and mobile devices, make sure you have all the latest updates.

Are there any online resources that people can go to for further information?

Yes. For more information about Krack and other alerts, visit the Canadian Cyber Incidence Response Centre: https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca




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