Tech For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Tech For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Summer is almost here and that means vacation time is just around the corner. While a lot of people prefer to kick back someplace warm and sandy with a tall glass of something cool, some folks would rather hit the open road, waking up in a new place every morning with the promise of another day’s adventure before them.

Power Backup:

Powermonkey Classic  is a compact portable charger and it connects with Android and Apple smartphones  along with the majority of 5V portable devices including GPS or e-readers. It houses a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery which is capable of charging an iPhone 1-2 times before its internal battery will require a recharge. Recharging takes about 4-5 hours.

It weighs about 70g  it can hold its charge for over 6 months – making it an essential daily addition to your trip. It can be found on Amazon for about $78.00.

Rooftop Tents:

Roof top tents are more popular than ever, due to their convenience. Securely attached to a rack that is positioned on the roof of a truck or car, these tents can be deployed instantly. All you have to do is simply unfold them and lower a ladder to gain access to the tent. And so, camping from a roof top tent provides a great vantage point, and by sleeping off the ground you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to bugs and critters entering your tent.  One particular model can be found on Amazon called the “Smittybilt 2783 Folded Tent” and is going for about $1520.43.  Another company in B.C. called TepuiTents offers a wide selection of rooftop tent models ranging from$800 – $2500. Their website is:


Both and are two good sites to check out if you are planning on travelling or camping  to any part of this province this summer.


Learn to Camp  App:

You will find tips, advice and all the information you need to plan and enjoy your first camping trip. And if you are already an experienced camper, you’ll love the recipes, checklists and insider tips. Its free and available for both iPhone and Android.

Wikicamps Canada App:

This is an excellent app because it is a user generated camping app for Canada. This means, people who use the app can enter campsites and other useful information along with pictures. It also works offline with the ability to download all site and user content, as well as a high quality offline maps. You’ll find information about RV parks, road side rest areas, free and paid campsites , points of interest and how well the  campsites are accessible. The database is constantly growing and always being updated with the latest information about sites from all over Canada. There’s also an active user’s forum, where you can ask questions and share experiences with other people who use the app. The downside of the app is that some people may add incorrect information and co-ordinates. This happens with many other guides, which is why it pays to have more than one source of information if something doesn’t quite seem right. Its available for the iPhone at a cost of  $2.79 and free to try on Android.



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