Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals hit the web on Nov. 27 this year, giving a chance for shoppers to score additional sales following Black Friday deals and it looks as if Canadians plan to break the bank with their spending. 

Cyber Monday, as the name suggests, offers the best deals in toys, electronics, clothing and more online. Amazon Canada will host a week-long sales event, while retailers like Walmart Canada are offering sneak peeks for deals on Nov. 26. Best Buy Canada is even offering some of their deals both online and in-store.

That said, every Cyber Monday deal you see may look like a great deal but you should always compare prices of big-ticket items. Make sure you’re getting the lowest price by searching price comparison engines like or sites like Amazon and Google Shopping to make sure that the alleged deal is, in fact, the lowest available price.

Shop on secure networks (not public Wi-Fi). Stick to networks that are familiar, and have password protection.

Shop on secure websites. Look for a lock icon, unbroken key symbol, or a website address that begins with https:// (fun fact; the “s” stands for “secure”).

Don’ t allow a site to store all of your information, passwords and credit card information. Leaving all of your personal information there can put it at risk of having cyber criminals break that companies database and gain access to it.

Review credit card statements for unauthorized charges. Save receipts and confirmations of purchase to know where you have recently spent money in case you discover an unauthorized charge.

Only buy from websites you trust. Here are some clues that a website isn’t trustworthy:

  • The site looks poorly designed, unprofessional and contains broken links.
  • You can’t find an address or phone number for the business.
  • Sales, return and privacy policies are hard to find or unclear.
  • The back button is disabled. In other words, you get stuck on a page and can’t go back.
  • You’re asked for credit card information anytime other than when you are making a purchase.




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