Summertime Tech

Summertime Tech

Rightly or wrongly, keeping our technology close at hand while on summer holidays is a common preference for many Canadians. From keeping in touch with family and friends to saving money or staying safe while exercising, technology has it’s place in our lives most of the time.

To start with, if you are a golfer and are looking to improve on your swing then the “Blast Golf Wireless Performance Monitoris going to be your best buddy. It has a precision motion sensor that attaches easily to your putter or driver while smart video capture records and tracks your metrics, with each swing saved into a collection of data that helps you identify patterns and key events like loft, lie, and tempo. It’s Bluetooth Smart and so it links the monitor to your Apple device so you can review your activities and share your stats to social media or email. It sells for about 149 dollars and is currently showing “in stock” at BestBuy.

For anyone deciding to travel to the US for a summer holiday and are planning on taking their phones don’t forget that if you use your phone with your Canadian carrier you will pay a hefty roaming price. So, I’ve found a very cheap solution by a provider called “Roam Mobility”. Their website is:

This is a cell phone plan service for Canadians when you go to the US. So you call or go to their website and setup an account.  You will get a ‘sim card’ from them that you will have to put into your phone and from there you schedule or specify the times and dates you will be in the US that you want to use the phone. As soon as you land in the US, it will become active, along with a new phone number. Now, the plans and prices are unbeatable with unlimited talk, text and data for about 4 dollars per day. So something to check out if you are travelling to the US this summer.

Being able to charge your electronic devices with no power can prove to be a challenge while in the outdoors this summer, however, I do have a couple of recommendations that people can avail of. The first one is the “K-Tor Pocket Socket”.  It is a hand crank generator that you can use to charge up your devices when you have no power source. You can find this on Amazon or buy direct from their website at This item will let you charge anything from mobile phones to tablets to hand-help gaming devices. So a necessity when camping this summer.

And secondly, there is the Adreama PowerBank portable charger that is a 6000mAh portable  backup charger that you can use to recharge your devices if you are in the woods and without power. This particular brand is found in BestBuy’s catalogue and is showing available in the St. John’s store from 19 dollars for one particular model up to 49 dollars for the higher-end model.

Finally, the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism website is a feature-rich resource packed with trips for planning a trip, things to do, places to go and stay.  You can find it at: They also have a mobile apps for iphones and ipads that provides interactive mapping and GPS capabilities, and the ability to search by what’s closest to you. It also have a feature called “Smart searching and location services” which means you can choose ‘what’s next?’ as you go throughout the island – from discovering the nearest restaurant to finding a boat tour operator close by.

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