Scan Your Eyes To Buy More Fires. MasterCard to Bring Selfie Biometrics to Card Holder Payments.

Scan Your Eyes To Buy More Fires. MasterCard to Bring Selfie Biometrics to Card Holder Payments.

MasterCard will officially be rolling out its biometric payment service allowing Canadian card holders to make purchases by taking a selfie on your smartphone or PC. The credit card company announced it will soon begin accepting self-portraits and fingerprint scans as an alternative to passwords from cardholders who make online purchases.

With all the concerns these days on digital privacy MasterCard is looking into a more secure way to trust people online when making purchases. They believe that the current technology, mainly using passwords is not working. People would often forget their password, especially if it was a complicated one, and then if it was a simple one then people were much more vulnerable to hacking and identity theft. So this security issue left them with the task of getting the card holder to verify themselves in a way that was easy but more secure. And so it looks like they have been able to combine biometrics technology while using your camera on current smart phones or PC’s to detect that it is you making a payment.

In order for Master Card to know it is you making the purchase, you would initially use an app that you would have to install when enrolling for this option. The app would take a series of initial photos of your face to use as templates to compare to the photo it takes when you purchase something. Most of the important biometric data they say is mainly of your eyes and nose area. Spokesperson for this technology stated that there seems to be facial details that are unique to each person much like a fingerprint in so much as the face scanning technology could essentially then replace your password.

The process for this biometric scan to take place would have the person shopping on their mobile device or even on a PC. Then make a purchase and from there you would then have to confirm that you want to make a purchase were it would then ask you to have the camera up to your face to scan, or if you use a PC, you would need to be looking at your camera, it would then scan your face, actually want you to blink an eye to make sure you were alive, then process that picture with the one it had on file when you did your initial scan and if it matched then proceed with the purchase. Master Card is saying it’s as easy as blinking, paying, and then you are done.

With that in mind, it looks like they just finished a pilot program in the Netherlands whereby they received a very high and positive successful transaction rate along with great quantitate and qualitative feedback. So it looks like potentially this summer you might be able to use facial recognition with your MasterCard to purchase items online.

That being said, if anyone has one of the newer iPhones with an American Express card, you can currently use their Apple Pay finger print feature to purchase items online or use the credit card’s PayPass contactless payment in conjunction with the finger print scanner to purchase items at participating stores.

Biometrics for Convenient yet Secure Payments




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